What is “Paleo?” Sure, we all have a pretty basic understanding of it, along with the usual cliche labels like,

“The Caveman Diet,” but let’s face it, it’s 2016!

Cavemen, we are not. How can we truly “be Paleo” in today’s modern society?

Or the even bigger question: “How can we make being Paleo, convenient?”

That is the question I set out to answer, and that is exactly how Clovis began.

Like most of you, my deep love for human health and wellness revolves around a passion for fitness. I love training! I always have.

Everything from sprinting to lifting, boxing to kayaking, yoga to hiking, and CrossFit to mud races! If there has ever been one “constant” throughout my entire life, it’s been fitness.

I remember being 15 years old, reading all the big muscle magazines and learning about the latest and greatest protein shakes, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all.

Unfortunately, that was all before I had taken the time to really educate myself on the subject of proper nutrition. I tried supplements because bodybuilders told me to and they must know what’s best for me, right? Wrong. My body (and my wallet) paid the price.

Enter, Paleo. When I discovered The Paleo Diet, it was like someone had finally removed the blinders. I was on fire and I couldn’t get enough! The physical results were amazing, my energy was through the roof and my mental clarity was sharper and more focused than ever before.

However, if I’m being honest, I missed those old protein shakes! There’s just something about having that shaker with you to chug after you crush a workout that just feels… Right!

When it comes to supplements, as followers of The Paleo Diet, our options are limited, to say the least. It just felt like if I wanted the convenience of a supplement, I was going to have to bend the rules of Paleo a bit.

I was going to have to settle for products being advertised as “Paleo” when they were really anything but. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t settle. I had come so far and seen so many positive changes that I wasn’t about to allow chemicals and artificial sweeteners back into my life.

If the product I needed didn’t exist, it was about to.

That’s how The Perfect Paleo Powder was born. A product that I care about deeply, that I created out of a necessity, to fill a need that I was certain countless thousands of others were also struggling with. The answer was to stop looking at supplements and start looking at food. The food is where I found all the answers I needed.

That’s how I created this product, with food, and nothing but food, so help me God. I’m here to share that product with you, to fill that need in your life, so you can keep training and competing at the highest levels and you can safely refuel with a convenient, 100% Paleo food, all the while knowing that you are giving your body nothing but the best nature has to offer:

The first, the best, The Perfect Paleo Powder!



Justin Nault
– Founder, Clovis LLC
Certified Nutritional Therapist & Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Inventor of “The Perfect Paleo Powder”

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