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“Man, you really put the PR juice in this Paleo Powder! I just hit my 5th lifting PR in about 2 weeks! I’m taking it nearly every day and I love it!”
Andrew Bringham
“It is not even a supplement it is considered REAL FOOD!! Tastes amazing just adding water and a dash of cinnamon. So convenient and I love how pure the ingredients are. You can tell the people behind this really had our bodies best interest at heart when creating this incredible product!!”
Naomi Coder
“Wow! This product is amazing so far. My favorite part is the yummy chocolatey taste. Unlike the taste of most “protein type powders” and even the popular Quest bars, the taste of the PPP is smooth and not bitter or synthetic tasting. And unlike similar products, this is FOOD! — I drink a shake in the morning (I prefer mine with unsweetened coconut milk,) and I’m satisfied and energized until my next meal. I have been on an all paleo diet beforehand just started back about 3 days ago. Already, I’m feeling less bloated, more focused and energized, and I’m able to avoid cravings. There are many benefits to an all paleo diet. Excited about this awesome powder!”
Julie Thurman

“Very tasty shake full of organic ingredients. As a person who suffers from food allergies this has been a perfect combination. I have had zero adverse reactions after using the powder for over 2 weeks now. I will continue to use it and recommend it.”
Peter M Christiansen
“Love this Protein Powder. The ingredients, the taste, the texture, everything is perfect. I mix one and a half scoops with 8oz of Cashew Milk and drink it around 3pm every day. I can hardly wait until 3pm!!”
“Love The Perfect Paleo Powder. Not only does it leave me feeling full and satisfied I absolutely love that I know everything I am putting into my body.”
Amazon Customer
“I purchased this to use as a meal replacement. I am super picky and have the palette of a 5 year old, so I wasn’t expecting to love the taste. After playing around with it a bit, I’ve created the perfect meal replacement shake that tastes like heaven. I use it as directed except I use two scoops of powder instead of three, unsweetened coconut milk instead of water, half a banana, and some ice cubes. Mix it all up and it’s an amazing chocolaty banana shake that keeps me full until lunch.”
“One of the best protein powders I’ve ever tasted!”
Amazon Customer
“So far, I’m feeling great with using the protein. I need to slowly add carbs in and this protein has great stats and with all the food allergies I’m dealing with through an autoimmune condition and gut issues, it’s going good. I don’t get brain fog! Can it be heated and used for hot chocolate or baking as I’ve heard these things denature the protein? Also, is the salmon farmed as it looks like it is from Atlantic oceans and I’ve taken out eggs in elimination for autoimmune and possible food intolerance causing leaky gut. I trust in the research and quality… just things that might help other people make the right choice in purchasing this protein blend. Our health is such a critical investment!”
Amazon Customer
“I ordered this product because I needed an adequate source of protein while on a liquid/puree diet after my esophageal surgery. This is, by far, the best protein product on the market. It’s not chalky, it actually tastes like cacao, and it doesn’t separate or congeal when it takes me an hour to finish it. And it always takes me an hour to finish it.
Amazon Customer
“Flavor is really good. Doesn’t have the wang so many protein mixes have. Bought some for my father who is in a long cycle of chemotherapy. He has felt better since he’s incorporated the mix in his smoothies.”

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